SAMPLE ARTICLE: Managing Multiple brands

The account lets you manage more than one brand, utilizing many of the same campaign parameters, such as audience target. Here’s how to add more brands.
  1. Go to the My Brands tab located in the navigation bar on the dashboard.
  2. To add a new brand, click on the plus icon (+) and fill in the brand name and details.
  3. Save everything and the new brand will appear in your brand list.
From the brand list, choose a brand to monitor its specific marketing campaigns, access real-time and historical performance metrics, and adjust marketing strategies as necessary.

Keep in mind that each brand demands its distinct marketing strategy. The automation tools, such as AdCampaigner and EmailPlus, can be tailored separately for each brand.

Everything in the My Brands tab helps you have a clear overview and control over diverse marketing activities, all from a single dashboard.

Article by
anthony atkinson
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