SAMPLE ARTICLE: Merge and Compare Reports

In Market Mobilizer, you can compare up to five different reports at once, including comparing built-in and custom-created reports.

The Merge & Compare Reports feature lets you benchmark and distinguish between the success metrics of separate campaigns, plus identify trends, strengths, weaknesses, and educational opportunities. Comparison aids in understanding the performance consistency across different campaigns and over different periods to provide transformative insights, drive strategic adjustments, and foster continual improvement in your marketing efforts.

To generate comparative reports from the dashboard:
  1. Go to the Reports tab
  2. Under Merge & Compare, click Create Report
  3. Define the parameters for comparison
    1. Report names
    2. Campaigns
    3. Metrics to be analyzed
  4. Save and it will take a few moments as the report gets generated. Once complete, you’ll be able to review on screen or download as either a PDF or CSF file.

Comparing reports can help provide insights at a granular level into your campaigns. You’ll be able to have a data-driven strategy for marketing more efficiently and successfully.
Article by
anthony atkinson
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