SAMPLE ARTICLE: Taxes in Your Region

Market Mobilizer adheres to the tax laws of many diverse regions. Here’s an overview on how regional taxes work for our various accepted currencies:
  1. USD: For U.S. clients, sales tax is calculated according to the specific state where your business is registered. These rates may vary significantly from state to state.
  2. Euro and GBP: European and U.K. clients are charged VAT following the standard rate in your specific country.
  3. Japanese Yen: Japanese businesses are charged GST under the Consumption Tax law of Japan.
  4. Brazilian Real: For our Brazilian clients, we incorporate the Brazilian Service Tax into our invoices.
  5. Chinese Renminbi: For Chinese businesses, we adhere to the Chinese VAT system.
  6. Other currencies: For regions outside of these currencies, we apply tax calculations based on local tax laws. You can reach our billing department for any information related to your specific region.
Also, it’s recommended to consult with your local tax authority or accountant for tax-related queries. As we aim to provide precise tax information, it is not tax advice.
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anthony atkinson
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