SAMPLE ARTICLE: Monthly vs. Annual Billing

Flexibly designed for your needs, monthly billing offers regular invoicing and payment so it’s easier to manage your cash flow, while annual billing offers savings. Both are great, so select the one that works best for your business.Monthly billing provides the highest degree of flexibility:
  • Budget management: Monthly payments can aid businesses that prefer spreading costs over the year for smoother cash flow management.
  • Easy to adapt: Your business might just be getting started or exploring marketing automation for a time-bound campaign. A monthly plan offers the flexibility to commence, pause, or adjust your subscription as needed.
  • Limited commitment: If you’re testing the waters with different marketing tools to see which suits your business best, it makes sense to not commit for a whole year.
Annual billing offers a more substantial commitment at a lower overall cost:
  • 10% Savings: Opting for the annual billing cycle secures a 10% discount compared to paying monthly.
  • Long-term vision: If you plan to use most of the tools to achieve your business goals over the coming year, it’s helpful to opt for the annual billing.
  • Simplified budgeting: Annual billing minimizes administrative tasks related to payments, making financial management more straightforward.
Whether you’re just starting out or planning for the long term, Market Mobilizer provides options to fit your business.
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anthony atkinson
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